Are you still using terry towels to clean and dry your Ford? If so, you're living in the past. Over the past few decades, microfiber technology has revolutionized the detailing world in Plainfield and beyond.

As Larry Kosilla demonstrates in an installation of Autoblog Details, terrycloth simply drags and rolls dirt over the surface of your car, creating microscopic scratches. Microfiber is made of strands about a hundredth the width of a human hair, so they have far more surface area for absorbing dirt and suspending it away from the clear coat.

Of course, you can't just switch to microfiber and call it a day. To make sure your Ford is free of scratches, you must first make sure the microfiber towel is clean, and always lubricate the car before touching it with anything. That means, ideally, rinsing it off with a hose first. In a pinch, a spray-on drying agent, wax, or "waterless cleaner" will suffice.

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